IN 1959, Mr. Robert Guignard, postman and taxi driver, decided to help the small community of Rivière-Ouelle and the neighbouring area by bringing students to Collège Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière with a snow mobile.

In 1960, when the Pascal-Taché School Board was created, Mr. Guignard bought his first bus and officially became the student's driver. In 1984, Daniel Guignard and his spouse became the owners of the family business which became Transport Daniel Guignard.The growth of the company continued in 1994 when Transport Daniel Guignard bought Autocar Lord in Sainte-Louise, a business owning 10 school buses and one luxury coach. Autocar Bas-St-Laurent was then created, specializing in chartered transportation.

In 2006, Frédérique Guignard, Mr. Guignard's daughter, took over the business. The transportation of employees, transit, foreign receptive transport and the development of new markets remain her priority.

In 2010, Autocar Bas-St-Laurent developed a new market, namely, medical transport with the CSSS of Kamouraska. This project will require the purchase of an adapted minibus.

After over 50 years, Autocar Bas-St-Laurent and Transport Daniel Guignard, have at their disposal more than 20 vehicles in its fleet. The challenges and stakes exist, but nothing better enables a company of the Bas-St-Laurent region to continue to move forward.